AFFAIREDECUIR opens the doors to originality and creativity through a range of luxurious and high-end products. Our products are the result of work carried out by hand by our specialist craftsmen who invest their efforts in continuity to expand you with the latest trends in leather products in the world.

The efforts made by AFFAIREDECUIR for the development and influence of the Moroccan tannery internationally are reinforced by the development of e-commerce tools. Our group adapts to new technological developments to facilitate purchases from its customers, developing an e-commerce platform accessible to everyone at any time.

Much more than a simple seller of hides and skins, AFFAIREDECUIR is above all a team in love with this Noble content. It is for this reason that all our products are subject to quality control before they are put on the shelves in our store.

In the hope that our products meet your expectations and have the pleasure of counting you among our customers, the AFFAIREDECUIR platform wishes you good navigation and assures you that it invests all these technical means to ensure its customers a fluidity of the navigation. on the one hand and on the other hand to react quickly to commands.